Akdeniz Üniversitesi

          This Course is addressed to students, researchers, academics and professionals from the Universities, Research Institute, fresh and processed fruit and vegetable industries and will be of interest to horticulturists, food engineers, food scientists, and quality assurance personnel and new product development staff. The Course is also valuable to representatives from agro food research Institutions, food industries, catering trade, storage, packaging and ingredient suppliers.

For more information (Course coordinators)

Mustafa ErkanProf. Dr. Mustafa Erkan

Department of Horticulture, University of Akdeniz

Antalya, Turkey

Phone: + 90 242 3102428

Mobile: +90 535 4999702

E-mail: erkan@akdeniz.edu.tr

G. ColelliProf. Dr. Giancarlo Colelli

Dept. Science Agriculture, Food & Environment

University of Foggia

Via Napoli 25 71122

Foggia, Italy

Phone: +39 0881 589 105

Mobile: +39 320 4394535

E-mail: g.colelli@unifg.it