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1. Fresh – cut produce: Introduction and definition kapak foto 2

2. Pre and postharvest factors affecting quality of fresh cut produce

3. Physiology and biochemistry of fresh-cut produce

4. Nutritional quality and health benefit of fresh-cut produce

5. Equipments for fresh-cut processing

6. Modified atmosphere storage and new packaging developments of fresh-cut product

7. Postharvest treatments to maintain produce quality of fresh-cut freshcut veg.

8. Coating materials for fresh-cut produce

9. Sensory quality of fresh-cut produce

10. Fresh-cut regulatory issues

11. Foreign body removal

12. Marketing trends for fresh-cut produce

13. Spoilage, implications, sanitation and microbiological testing for fresh-cut produce

14. Production considerations for vegetables

15. Production considerations for fruit

16. Production considerations for citrus

17. Pomegranate aril extraction

18. Future tendency and innovation