Akdeniz Üniversitesi


Fresh-cut produce are getting very popular and rapidly growing food segment of interest for growers, processors, retailers and consumers all over the world. In recent years, despite the consumer demand for fresh fruit and vegetables stable in Europe, the fresh-cut produce industry reported a constant growth in terms of quantity and turnover. Today, the fresh-cut industry is expanding faster than any other segment of the fruit and vegetable market and the fresh-cut segment supplies both the food service industry and retail outlets, expanding to new markets around the world

Fresh-cut produces are more perishable than the intact products: although remaining in a fresh state, if they are properly handling during processing operations. The ultimate potential postharvest quality and shelf-life of fresh product is determined before harvest. Proper handling, the use of effective sanitizers, optimal storage temperature and packaging reduce the rapid degradation of fresh-cut product. Efficient pre-harvest cultivation and postharvest processing can contribute to 'the taste and nutrional value of the fresh-cut products.

This course will provide an overview of many issues on the production, processing, packaging, distribution and quality assurance of fresh-cut products. Participants gain working knowledge of established and new procedures for fresh-cut products through topic-related sessions. During the 3-day Course all fundamental topics of fresh-cut production will be covered, including technological aspects and all related issues before and after cutting.

The course is organized by the Department of Horticulture, University of Akdeniz (Turkey) with cooperation of the Dept. PRIME of the University of Foggia within the activities of the International Certificate on Postharvest Technology (a EU-US cooperation Program in higher education).

We look forward to seeing you in Antalya to attend the course.

Mustafa Erkan & Giancarlo Colelli

                                                                                                                                                                                           Course Coordinators